A couple of beers at New Belgium in the Denver Airport. On the left, Lips of Faith Wild2 Dubbel (brewed with Schisandra) - a 2 of 4 - and on the right, La Folie (a 4 of 4). Some of the best beers I’ve ever had in an airport. The Wild2 was a bit disappointing - relatively thin body and some malt and fruit notes in the body that seem a bit discordant. The nose is relatively good, however - your relatively standard profile of dark fruits and spices, although not as much nuttiness or yeast-driven complexity as other dubbels. La Folie, as usual, is delicious. Hadn’t had the 2014 vintage yet, ad this is just as good as any I’ve had previously. Wonderfully tart with some nice complexity to the fruit and powerful oak notes. Quite a puckering sour, but excellent stuff.

4 months ago