The Bruery’s Hottenroth (left) and Tart of Darkness (right) on tap at Meridian Pint in DC for their Sour belly night for #DCBW2013. Both excellent, easy 4s. You’ll note their placement on the menu - organized by pH - and I went straight for the bottom. Hottenroth is a berliner weisse at 3.1%, and manages to have a massive puckering presence up front. Lots of funk, some great wheat notes, and some strong lemon presence. Tart of Darkness is ridiculous. Crazy puckering sourness and so many different fruit notes for such a dark, viscous beer. Lots of candy, oak, and other lighter fruit notes manage to come forward in the midst of the dark malt presence and the puckering sourness. Awesome beer, awesome event.

1 year ago